About Me

Theatre Artist, Motivational Speaker, Independent Writer and… oh… just one of those creatives kinds.

You guessed it, I’m one of those creative individuals who gets a kick by expressing myself creatively and living life to the fullest.

You can often find me ‘hot-desking’ in anywhere from the big brand names to the back-street artisan coffee shops. Sat at a cabaret style table with my trusty travel coffee mug in my hand, I’m always sparking up conversations; showing that it’s okay to talk, vent and express all the ‘stuff’ we have going on in our lives.

Armed with my story and my diagnosis’ of Autism (Aspergers’ Syndrome), Anxiety, Depression and OCD; I’m on a mission to smash stigmas associated with mental health and learning disabilities: to inspire struggling individuals to be open, authentic and to get creative!

I hope you can join me on this adventure– as we smile through the storms!


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